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Home and Small Office Wireless Networking Seminar

Associated Certification: None

Who should attend this seminar

Home computer users
Small office computer network administrators

Seminar Summary

Duration: Half Day / 4 hours, Classroom

Prerequisites: None


The home and small office wireless networking seminar provides an overview of basic Wireless Networking essentials. This one-half day seminar will help home and small office computer users get a better understanding on 802.11 wireless networks.

The home and small office wireless networking seminar will help prepare for advanced level of Wireless LAN Training courses

Seminar Outline

Topic 1: How it all works

Explain how Wireless LANs work
Understanding the 802.11 IEEE standards
Choosing the correct one

Topic 2: Selecting the correct solution

Planning for a small wireless network
Wireless network security
What you need

Topic 3: Wireless Network Setup

Access point or router setup
Client setup
Security Setup

Topic 4: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Basics
Unable to connect
Intermittent connections

Topic 5: Extras

Wireless for entertainment
Wireless hotspots
Where is it going

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